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Planned Maintenance Programme 2023

Details of our 2023 Planned and Cyclical Maintenance Programmes


Grounds Maintenance 

Following tenant feedback from June this year we have introduced 3 weekly grass cuts and the removal of grass cuttings. This change along with a new Grounds Maintenance programme which will be in place by the end of the summer should ensure that your garden and park areas are kept to a good standard. 


Gutter Cleaning 

We are reviewing our gutter cleaning programme.  Currently we carry out an annual gutter clean.  In response to recent feedback an additional gutter clean will be carried out over the next two months. Details of the new gutter cleaning programme will be published on our new website in August.  Remember, you can still contact R3 any time you feel your gutter requires a clean. 


External Painting

External painting works are now underway in the following locations:

- Roodlands Court, Haddington

- Forth Street, North Berwick

- St Andrews House, North Berwick 

- Hares Close and Barga Court, Cockenzie


If your home is part of this year’s programme you will receive a letter from us detailing which external areas of your home will be painted, with the commencement and expected completion dates. 


Kitchen and Bathroom Replacements

This year’s kitchen and bathroom replacement programmes are now underway. 35 kitchens will be replaced in Gifford and 10 bathrooms at Macfarlane Court in Elphinstone. If your home is part of this year’s programme you will receive a letter from us with the details soon.