We want our tenants to live peacefully with each other in their communities and to enjoy their homes without the nuisance and annoyance that inconsiderate or anti-social behaviour can cause.  We understand our responsibility to support tenants so that they can enjoy their home environment.   

Our tenants also have a responsibility to make sure that their actions, the actions of their household or visitors who come to and from their homes do not interfere with their neighbours’ quiet enjoyment of their communities. 


You can find our Anti-social Behaviour Policy here


If you are concerned about anti-social behaviour, please contact us on 01620 829 300 or email us at info@homesforlife.co.uk


If the matter is urgent and/or out of hours you can contact the Community Wardens on: 

01620 829 917 (daytime) or 01875 824 307 (evenings) 

email to asb@eastlothian.gov.uk  

You may remain anonymous at all times. 


You may be asked to keep a record of incidents, detailing the nature and time of the anti-social behaviour. This is needed to help understand the extent of behaviour and aids decision making on what action can be taken. This diary can also be used as evidence in court if required. 


East Lothian Antisocial Behaviour Partnership 

Homes for Life are part of the East Lothian Antisocial Behaviour Partnership which exists "to root out and reduce the incidence of antisocial behaviour in East Lothian”.   

The East Lothian Antisocial Behaviour Partnership realises how antisocial behaviour can affect individuals and communities and will work together to support victims of and witnesses to anti-social behaviour. 

The partners that are members of the Antisocial Behaviour Partnership are: 

East Lothian Council (all departments) 

East Lothian Housing Association 

East Lothian Tenants and Residents Panel 

Homes for Life 

Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue Service 

Lothian and Borders Police 

NHS Lothian 

Procurator Fiscal Service 

Scottish Ambulance Service 

Scottish Children's Reporter Administration 

Sheriff Clerk's Service 


In general terms, this means that named employees of the Police, East Lothian Council and other partners are able to share information and implement a co-ordinated approach to address incidents of anti-social behaviour.  This ensures that serious anti-social behaviour is dealt with consistently wherever it occurs in East Lothian.