Tenant Responsibilities

When you report a repair, it will be given an urgency classification and a response time by which we expect the repair to be attended to: 

1. Routine (To be attended to within 10 working days) 

2. Urgent (To be attended to with 3 working days) 

3. Emergency (To be attended and made safe within 4 hours) The repair details will be forwarded to our contractors who will then contact you to arrange a convenient time to attend.


Some repairs, usually very minor ones, are the responsibility of the tenant. Below is a reminder of some of the Repairs that you are Responsible for: 


External Structure and Areas:

❖ Rotary driers (unless in communal areas)

❖ Clothes pole ropes (unless in communal areas)

❖ Garden sheds/greenhouses

❖ Tenant erected boundary fences.


In the House:

❖ Floor coverings

❖ Decoration (internal) 

❖ Pest control (contact HfL for advice)



❖ TV aerials and sockets

❖ Resetting of circuit breakers

❖ Light bulbs and strip light tubes (internal and external)



❖ Broken glass - unless caused by vandalism or attempted break in which has been reported to the police with Police reference number provided

❖ Curtain rails, poles and blinds

❖ Cleaning and decorating house windows



❖ Doorbell batteries

❖ Door name plates

❖ Replacement of lost keys

❖ Lock changes due to lost or broken keys 

❖ Damage to front doors as a result of forced entry e.g. for annual gas inspection



❖ White goods, including cooker, washing machine, fridge/freezer and tumble drier (unless covered by HfL initial purchase warranty)

❖ Replacement of plugs and chains

❖ Blocked sink/bath waste



❖ Replacement toilet seat

❖ Replacement of plugs and chains

❖ Blocked sink/bath waste

❖ Shower unit or fittings if supplied and installed by the tenant



❖ Individual TV aerials

❖ Garden maintenance

❖ Cleaning and decorating house windows


It is the tenant’s responsibility to maintain and keep their property in good condition. This includes adequate heating and ventilation. The cost of the above repairs will be charged to the tenant. 

All damages to property, fixtures or fittings as a result of tenant alterations are tenant responsibility.  

Our repairs contractor will only attend to these repairs once you confirm acceptance that you will be charged for the cost of carrying out the repair. We recommend you clarify and agree the costs beforehand.