If you wish to make any changes to your property, you must obtain permission from Homes for Life first.

To apply to make an alteration or improvement to your home, please complete this form.  

 Examples of alterations may include 

- alteration, improvement or enlargement of the home or of any fittings or fixtures. 

- addition of new fixtures or fittings (for example, kitchen and bathroom installations, central heating, light fittings, laminate flooring, satellite dish). 

- putting up a garage, shed or other structure. 

- decorating the outside of the house. 

If you make an improvement to your home, you may be entitled to compensation at the end of your tenancy provided you have obtained our written permission for the improvements.  Further information on the Right to Compensation can be found here.

For example, if you get permission to fit a new kitchen or bathroom, we would pay you, taking into consideration the initial cost of the improvement and depreciation (the length of time the improvements have been fitted) when your tenancy ends.

If you make any changes without permission, we will require you to return the property to its original state.  

We may approve, or withhold permission, or perhaps apply conditions for approval but permission will not be unreasonably withheld. We will inspect the works on completion and ensure you have met any conditions we stipulate, that you have gained any necessary planning permissions, and the work complies with Health and Safety legislation.

We will recharge you for the removal of any unauthorised alterations to the property and any damage they may have caused, should we become aware of them or have to remove these at the end of your tenancy.

Some examples of alteratations which we do not allow are

- Paint finishes to kitchen units or internal doors

- Timber linings to walls or ceilings

- Removal of room or cupboard doors

- Removal of kitchen units

- Paint finishes to gas or electric fire casings, including radiators

- Artex or textured finishings to ceilings or walls

- Polystyrene tiles or coving to ceilings

- Laminate flooring in upper flats

Please remember that you must wait until you receive a confirmation letter from us before any alterations are made.