“Homes for Life, a small RSL with a mighty passion, committed to providing our tenants with an affordable, tailored, responsive service where we will deliver more than “homes for life”. We will achieve this by investing in our people, our properties and communities assisting them to thrive and flourish”.  


Our values define how we will operate:



Balancing commercial awareness with social purpose.


Working collaboratively together as one Team, with our partners, our contractors and our tenants to accomplish our goals.

Trust, encompassing integrity and openness

Demonstrating transparency, ownership and honesty in decision-making and communication.

Professionalism, encompassing, respect, knowledge, and learning

Developing skills to deliver effective services to tenants, customers, colleagues, and partners.

Objective 1 – Invest in our Services

Review all policies and procedures and explore opportunities for new service models including enhanced digital channels of communication and delivery.

Objective 2 – Invest in our Homes

Procure and deliver cyclical and planned maintenance contracts aligning Homes for Life's Asset Management Strategy.

Objective 3 – Invest in our People

Implement an organisational structure that enables the delivery of the Business Plan supported by a tailored Learning and Development Programme.

Objective 4 – Invest in our Future

Put in place the structures and identify opportunities for partnership working to support delivery of Business Plan including development activity.