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Planned Maintenance Programme 2024

Details of our 2024 Planned Maintenance Programme

We have received requests for a planned maintenance programme to be made available as promised pre-covid investment may not have been delivered. Following the appointment of a new Chief Executive at the end of 2022 a review of all lifecycle and property data information was carried out in March 2023.  Since then, there has been significant investment in our homes and neighbourhoods based on need:

 * 31 new kitchens fitted - Gifford

* 9 new bathrooms and 2 WCs fitted - Elphinstone 

* 8 flats at Market Street fully renovated and returned from East Lothian Council to our own housing stock*Replacements for 8 existing       heat pumps due to be installed in March 2024

* Exterior painting completed at: Hares Close - Port Seton, Barga Court - Port Seton,  Roodlands - Haddington, St Andrews House - North       Berwick


We recognise that significant investment is needed with £1.4M being spent from 2023 to 2025 on planned works and £340,000 to deliver cyclical maintenance.  This includes grounds maintenance, compliance contracts and a programme of external repainting.  External painting will be carried out across three years with the main spend in the coming year 2024/25.


We are currently planning works for 2024/25 on top of our reactive maintenance and empty homes work.  With our new team in place we expect to deliver:

* 27 kitchens in Gullane

* The remaining 10 bathrooms and 7 WCs at Elphinstone  

* 30 replacement heating systems in Gifford

* Exterior painting at Gullane and Elphinstone

* 2 replacement roofs


More investment will be targeted by area over the coming years as rental income allows. Best value will be achieved by:

* Larger contracts for works as one off replacement and works cost more per unit 

* Seeking grant funding where available for energy efficiency and heating improvements

* Future proofing our investments by aligning with the upcoming standards and East Lothian Council District Heating Strategy

* Considering longevity and  sustainability over lowest price


We are currently reviewing our planned and cyclical maintenance across the full thirty-year business plan and will publish an outline 5-year plan giving a by area indication of investment in August 2025.